Optimize your sales in the modern marketplace

Hooklu is built specifically for Hotels & Resorts like yours.

Organize all your content in our collaborative cloud

Respond to RFPs faster

Make an impact with innovative proposal delivery

Get notified when clients view proposals

Utilize advanced business analytics

Provide clients with virtual Site Inspections

Manage streamlined room blocks and pricing

See deeper into your group sales process

Win more incentives and group business

Boost efficiency and increase group sales at your hotel or resort with Hooklu.

Proposals with Impact

Create captivating proposals with content that makes a real impact on your clients. Manage your catalog of options from a convenient, intuitive cloud. Provide virtual site inspections using interactive, media-rich content like stunning video and slideshows. Hooklu will really set your proposals apart.

Pricing Management

Comprehensive online costing management tools, integrated with our Content Library, help you deliver the nuts and bolts of your offerings that your clients need. Save time and reduce human errors with Hooklu's auto-generated room blocks and budgets. Keep all your pricing up to date from a central location.

Quick, Clean Delivery

Respond to RFPs faster and easier than ever before. Hooklu’s online proposal delivery platform lets customers instantly access your proposals from anywhere in the world. Collaborate with colleagues and clients in real time; make changes on the fly and instantly view them with a single click of the refresh button.

Real Time Analytics

Get the insight you need to make informed business decisions. Hooklu’s analytics let you see what matters most to clients and gives you constant feedback on how your business is doing. Manage your strategy with confidence, because Hooklu shows you exactly how it’s working at any given time.

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Use Hooklu to Win Business in Minutes, Not Days.

Create and Deliver Proposal    [10 mins.]
Win the Business    [10 mins.]
Win more business timeline
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Create online proposals fast


1 minute

All it takes is a few clicks to create a proposal, so you can get rid of your outdated clunky tools.
Hotel proposal templates

Jump Start Your Proposals

With pre-built templates to choose from, all you have to do is decide which one is the best for your client. No more starting from scratch and wasting time rebuilding the sections of proposals you use the most.

Personalized proposals for hotels


8 minutes

Just add a few details for your specific client, some pricing, and you're good to go.
Room pricing in proposals

Streamlined Details and Pricing

Just add the details specific to your client, enter pricing, and your proposal is ready to send out. Templates take care of the legwork, and Hooklu's endlessly customizable platform allows you to tailor any part of the proposal to meet your client's needs.

Publish proposals online


1 minute

One click publishing leaves you with a free paw to high-five your coworkers.
Online proposal delivery

Wow Your Client

Your proposal is published to your eye-popping Client Site, which your client can easily view from anywhere in the world. With Hooklu's interactive, media-rich proposal content, they're gonna like what they see.

Proposal viewed email notification



Take a break, and wait to be notified when your client views the proposal.
Send proposals then relax

Hit the Beach

With the peace of mind knowing you'll be notified as soon as your client looks at the proposal, do whatever you please: work on your tan, take a nap, take a painting class or learn to speak Bulgarian.

Hotel proposal analytics


5 minutes

Hooklu's Client Site Analytics allow you to see which proposal sections your client is looking at most.
Hotel proposal analytics

Client Site Analytics

Hooklu's easy to use, intuitive analytics tools let you see what matters most to your clients. With a quick glance, you'll know what sections of the proposal they've looked at, when they viewed them, and how long they spent on each section. Get the insight you need to help you close the deal.

Easy to customize proposals


3 minutes

With feedback from your client, you'll have your proposal looking perfect with just a few twists of your wrench, or mouse.
Online proposal collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration

That endless back and forth with clients that took days using cumbersome PDFs, now takes only minutes with Hooklu. Make real-time changes to your proposal, and they'll be instantly visible on the Client Site.

Win more business


2 minutes

After winning the business and saving time with Hooklu, you can light the candles and celebrate for a couple minutes.
Referrals increase hotel sales

"You gotta try this hotel!"

Don't be surprised if your impressive proposals have clients telling their friends about your Hotel. So get ready to do it all over again.

Improve your hotel business



Combine all the data Hooklu puts at your fingertips with your undeniable brilliance to take your business to the next level.
Hotel analytics and reports

Company-Wide Analytics and Reports

With Hooklu's analytics and reporting features, you'll gain the insight and knowledge to make all the right decisions. See real-time reports showing you exactly how each proposal, each employee, and your whole business is doing. With Hooklu backing your Business Intelligence, you'll make the right move every time.

Hooklu delivers outstanding value.

Your hotel or resort could be winning more business and working smarter sooner than you think.
With Hooklu, there is nothing for you to install or manage. We take care of all the heavy lifting.

$99/month for unlimited users*

Included features:

  • Robust Content Library
  • Streamlined Proposal Delivery
  • Instant Notifications
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Active Proposals Dashboard
  • Set and Track Sales Goals
  • Company-Wide Reporting
*additional hotel/resort locations $49 each

+ $999 one-time setup fee.

Included services:

  • Fully Loaded Content Library
    with Your Content and Pricing
  • Custom Templates
  • Branded Client Website
  • Salesperson Profiles
  • Personalized Webinar Training
    and Guided Hooklu Setup

The technology you've been waiting for is already here.

You know you run a great hotel or resort. Your rooms and meeting venues are outstanding. Your staff is top-notch. You’ve been around the block and know how to make it happen for your clients. But are you doing enough to stand out from the crowd when groups and incentive clients are looking to do business? Hooklu’s tools give you innovative solutions to thrive in the modern business climate.

So, what are you waiting for?

Modernize your hotel sales

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